This is not a first blog post

Why did I even create a blog?

It was a trap. I knew it.

My mom warned me about the world and its many dangers, but jeez, I did not think this would be such a hassle.

You know, when at some point in your life, you’re bored? Not the “seriously” bored. Just the “little bit” bored, the “dark chocolate” bored. And then a little voice somewhere up there in your mind shares:

“Would be fun to create a blog, no?”

le me, at 3 am, a full moon night

But I got fooled! By one of the many “me”s in my head, damaged by thinking too much about some philosophical questions.

For crabs, do humans walk sideways?

I have a tortured mind.

And you know, after building the thing, you realize you finished the actual fun part.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is cool. Unless you have the i-have-so-many-ideas-and-yet-I-cannot-manage-to-finish-one-****ing-article-because-you-actually-have-to-work-to-get-one-done syndrom.

Followed by the usual existential questions.

Like: what did I even create a blog for?

Trying to get my thoughts back in order, I may see a couple of reasons:

  • create an online presence/identity
  • impress the girl next door
  • keep ranting about things*
  • tell Mom** I achieved one thing this year

* 🇫🇷
** not the girl next door

Hey, who knows? This may be the only post of this blog.

Like the guy who never cooks, and after fearlessly achieving tagliatelle carbonara — the fake one, with cream and bacon — thinks: “wow, that was great, let’s celebrate by ordering thai for the next six months!“.

And what will I even blog about?

DAMN. Content. Right. Tech I guess, a little bit of photography maybe. I guess this blog will end like my Twitter account: focused on one topic at the beginning (let’s say tech), then slowly drifting to ethic, memes, politics and french cuisine evangelism, the whole thing ending in a incomprehensible melting pot even NYC would be envious of.

I will try to focus on the Web in general though, from front-end to UX, from naïve visions/wishes to more classic growling. And some additional random things from time to time.

How often will I write?

AAAH! (fear)

The thing is if I don’t commit, this will be anarchy, but If I say “every month”, I know I won’t do it. I AM DOOMED.

Screw it.

The content of this blog will be improvised. Like this post.

Do you disagree? Have I made a typo? Is there still redemption for my soul? Drop me a tweet or an email!